Monday, July 21, 2008

Quick Mild Update

I apparently didn't get this *quite* cool enough, after pitching it was at about 72F. That's a decent temp, but I prefer it a bit cooler for nice clean fermentation. She was already bubbling nicely only 4 hours in though, so perhaps the warm temp got it started faster.

To lower the temp some, I just got a towel wet and wrapped it around the bucket and put a fan on it. This very quickly brought the exterior temp of the fermenter down to 66F. I left it like this for about 6 hours, and then pulled the towel off. The exterior remained at 66F the whole time, and 4 hours later was still at 66F. Couldn't ask for much more! In the future, I may just cool to about 72F (as the last few degrees are the slowest) and then use the towel after pitching to lower it the rest of the way, this was pretty effective.

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Sopor said...

I've had to keep the towel on. This appears to be fermenting FAST. and the yeasties are warming it up a bit! If I pull the towel off, it's nearing 68F within a couple of hours.

With any luck, this could be done with primary in another 24-48 hours!