Sunday, June 29, 2008

Brewday, Colin's Colsch

Ok, so today is the day. I was going to brew yesterday, but I had other things to do, including run back the Red Salamander becuase I decided to change my recipe.

I cut the honey. I did some additional reading, and decided that it was not going to have the effect I desired. I wanted some of the honey flavor to shine through, and that's apparently not very likely, not to mention that it would have made the beer take longer to ferment out, which I didn't really want to wait for, I want to be drinking this in just over 3 weeks if I can.

So the recipe is even more simple now:
11lbs Maris Otter
1.5oz Glacier @ 30min
.5oz Glacier @ 0min
Safale K-97

Mash will be 3.5 gallons, 150F, 90min. Sparge with 3 gallons 165-170.

Primary 1 week, 65F or lower ambient
Secondary/Lager 2 weeks, 32F
Keg @ 40F, 13.5psi

This'll be my first brew in my new stainless steel 9-gallon brewpot too! I should have even less worry about boilovers now! I'll post a pic in my post-brew... post.

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